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Education and work towards creating access to all psychedelics as a basic human right

Why are so many Canadians excited to learn about psychedelics and plant medicines? 

More and more people are waking up to the powerful benefits of psychedelics and plant medicines in our country.

The latest research and clinical studies show psychedelics are providing profound results for people suffering from many challenging issues including PTSD, anxiety, depression, addiction and end-of-life trauma.

These inspiring results are motivating many Canadians to get educated and advocate for the wide-spread therapeutic use of these substances so that more people can experience their powerful healing benefits.  

 What is the Psychedelic Association of Canada and Why Become an Official Member?  

The main focus of the PAC is to connect and serve all facets of the psychedelic community and movement in Canada.

Our intention is to serve as the "ultimate network," bringing together...  

MD's, healthcare, therapists and mental health professionals wanting access to the latest research, training programs, experts and peers involved in this work...

Coaches and practitioners wanting to learn about harm reduction methods and best practices to use with their clients...

Practitioners from indigenous cultures and celebrated pioneers who've been using psychedelics / plant medicines for decades and are willing to share their invaluable wisdom with others...  

Advocates and others lobbying our government for policy reform and access...

Companies, organizations, training programs and retreat centers serving this space...

... as well as "everyday people" who are curious about psychedelics and the benefits they can provide to themselves or their family members.

By uniting all these important groups and interests into one powerful network, we're able to provide our members with invaluable opportunities to...   

Get Educated - 

on the most recent and important developments from every corner of the psychedelic space in Canada so that you feel confident and informed about your choices (and can effectively educate others too). 

Connect to Our Community - 

create personal and business relationships with like-minded individuals who are involved in or supporting this work.

Impact Lives

be part of a passionate group that is shaping policy and reform initiatives in Canada and positively impacting lives for generations to come. 

When you become an official member of the PAC, 
 your dues fund efforts to educate and advocate for psychedelic medicines in Canada

In return, you'll not only feel proud to be a "founding member" of an important movement changing lives, but you'll also...

#1 - Connect and network with others in our amazing community. 

We're about to launch an AMAZING interactive membership platform (with its own mobile app) that will allow you to create relationships with people from across the psychedelic community with, literally, the push of a button.  

#2 - Receive complimentary tickets to our on-going webinar series. 

Attend  webinars each month on a variety of topics - including the latest on scientific research, de-criminalization and policy reform (and how you can get involved), success stories and best practices of medical and mental health experts, as well as learn invaluable wisdom from psychedelic pioneers and indigenous practitioners with decades of experience.  

#3 - Meet experts and get your questions answered in our member-only interactive "town hall" sessions.

Get "up close and personal" in our intimate (virtual) town-hall meetings where you'll interact with subject matter experts, policy makers, suppliers, health care and medical professionals and others involved in this work. 

 #4 - Access our extensive and growing library of lectures, interviews and other invaluable resources.

We have hours of existing content waiting for you, plus more coming every month. Access 24/7 and watch at your convenience.

#5 - Learn about specialized training courses, receive discounts on conferences and other resources. 

We are partnering with many companies and suppliers supporting this space, so you'll be the first to know about industry-specific opportunities and receive special member-only discounts on events or services wherever possible.

All of this is (and more) is happening in our private and exclusive online platform designed exclusively for the official members of the Psychedelic Association of Canada.  

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How Your Membership Makes a Difference

The CPA is powered by a passionate board of directors, advisory board and team of volunteers who donate thousands of hours of their time (and hundreds of thousands of dollars in unpaid services) each year to service this community and support this important and life-changing work. 

Your membership fees go directly to cover basic operational expenses, and to fund initiatives and projects that educate, advocate and lobby for government reform. 

We could not do this work without your generous support, and we thank you.

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